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People who participate in SOStetoNero besides being many in number, are very different from each other! The methods of communication are also many, but this is a sure way to get your message to the right person!
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  • Christian Zeller

    Dear activists against water privatization,

    I am on a excursion with 9 students of economic geography (University of Salzburg, Austria) in Greece. Last week we had many conversations with different social movements in Athens. Unit coming Wednesday we will be in Thessaloniki.

    The students prepared this field trip writing several papers on the austerity policy of the “Troika”, the history and economy of Greece, urban development, the health care system in Greece, on several industries and privatizations. The aim of the excursion consists of complementing the different analysis by direct conversations and interviews with actors in social movements, labor unions, companies and government authorities. After the excusion the students will write a final report that will be published.

    Thus, we would be happy, if we could integrate the entire questions of privatization of public infrastructure into our project. Of course, your successful movement against water privatization was wery important and we would like to integrate your experiences in our study.

    Thus, I ask you if it is possible to arrange a meeting with representatives against water privatization in Thessaloniki during the coming days.

    For us it would be very convenient to meet you Monday (6th April) afternoon or Tuesday (7th April) on any time during the day.

    Best wishes,
    Christian Zeller
    Professor of Economic Geography
    University of Salzburg, Austria
    mobile phone 0043 664 852 54 60
    [email protected]

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