Open Call for Poster Creation “SOSte to nero”!

The SOSte Water ahead of the referendum on non- privatization of water
Thessaloniki on May 18 , sending an open invitation to everyone ,
from any region of the world , unite their creative voices .

If you believe that water is a public and common good
right to life is not privatized ,
send us your posters !

It will put your ideas in the online media campaign until May 18 to inform as many citizens as possible . Anxiously await your response to our invitation !

Specifications poster :
The poster should
– Involve the key pieces of information : a) May 18, 2014 , b ) ( vote / voting ) “NO” ( in the referendum on water privatization )
– Contain the logo SOSte water ( as shown in the picture and you can download from here)
– Does not exceed the dimension of 297mm x 420mm ( PxY ) ( A3 )
– Be jpg or png file to RGB for online use the poster in Social Media, Media partners & website
– Have a resolution of 72 dpi ( and above )

We expect posters at [email protected]