SOSTE comes from the Greek word “σωζω” which means “Save”. “to nero” means “the water”

Fellow citizens,

The Government is preparing to sell the water in Thessaloniki! It has already started the contest by HRADF to sell the 51 % EYATh .

The gift of nature , water is treated as a commodity and given away to individuals. A natural public good and will become a private monopoly.

Where the applied water privatization failed and resulted in :
• Huge increase in water and sewer bills .
• Depletion of water resources .
• Poor maintenance of water and sewage networks .
• Increase water losses .
• Degradation of water quality and the environment .

EYATh offered for the profit of individuals. Social policy of a Public EYATh not going to implement any private company .
Today a lot of us are unable to pay even the water , what will happen tomorrow when you come by private companies? It will allow you to stop the water from hospitals , schools and parks ?
• NO to water privatization .
• NO selling EYATh .

EYATh profitable without loans and obligations . Why be sold at a profitable private business? The selling price EYATh will be amortized in depth 4 years of earnings.

In Paris , Berlin , Nice , Grenoble , etc. , drove private water & sewerage companies here and go to our impose. The Dutch prohibit by law the selling out of the water. The Italians banned by referendum . The Austrians and Germans have only municipal enterprises .

Enough is enough !
The water and sanitation is a human right !
Water is a public good , we do not accept the privatization of !
Together we can stop them !
In this struggle WE majority must show !